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ASSESSx Technology Ltd.

Jocelyn W. Cowie is Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), who specializes in pain treatment, I am also the founder of SenSore LLC.

From a young age, she used massage intuitively to help others, including her mother who was relieved from crippling rheumatoid arthritis.

In 1985, she graduated from the West Coast College of Massage. Her PhD physiology professor advised her that they did not know how massage worked so, he taught them to be researchers hoping one day they could tell the medical community how this ancient of healing worked.

After graduating, she began teaching workshops through Continuing Education in Surrey, Newton and White Rock BC. In 1991, she bought 475 acres on a hill top in beautiful Grand Forks BC, where she owns and operates Ponderosa Pines Mtn. Spa Institute.

In keeping with her entrepreneurial spirit, she researched the physiology of soft tissue inflammation to find out why massage is so effective then applied this knowledge to design and has developed a breakthrough non-invasive diagnostic and treatment technology, the Advanced Biosensor Assessment Treatment and Evaluation (ABATE)System. This is a multimodal probe that locates, measures, displays and treats pain symptoms and shows treatment results.

The device features the four FDA approved diagnostic techniques of pressure algometry, skin galvanometers, thermography and soft tissue auscultation, with the therapeutic modality of quantified soft tissue compression for use in the treatment of soft tissue pain and inflammation.

The Company has placed in the top 10 finalists in the New Ventures BC business plan competition twice, they also took second place for the “Best Pre-Revenue Company Ernst and Young awards” at the Nov. 24 2007 Angel Forum. At the Kootenay Science and Technology (KAST) 2008 Spirit of Innovation awards, they placed in the top four in two of them; the Innovative Individual Awards and the Most Promising Emerging Company Award. Canadian Pain Society lectured on Massage Physiology and Soft Tissue Assessment. Many years of teaching through CE programs, as well as a certified PD, accredited workshops for fellow RMT's. Canadian Consulate Bootcamp CEO training in San Jose with ASTIA and In Anaheim with LARTA. She has pitched the company numerous times at angle events in Vancouver and Silicon Valley x 10. She placed in the top ten Jump Start, placed in the 10 twice TELUS NEW VENTURES BC Top and in the Kootenay Association for Science Top 4 in Two Categories. They have been the recipient of 5 IRAP grants, an Engage, 2 MITAC grants. Abstracts were published in numerous medical journals.

There are currently no diagnostic tests to quantify and or qualify pain which is often left under treated, “that’s where the Advanced Biosensor for Assessment Treatment and Evaluation (ABATE) System comes in to play increasing clinical confidence and improving patients pain care” said John Armstrong Ph.D.

John Armstrong MD, PhD; nominated Jocelyn for the Ernst & Young entrepreneur award for my work on the ABATE System. He stated “the device could move forward a lot of personal injury lawsuits and insurance claims related to pain from soft-tissue damage, which still remain very subjective. What we'd like to be able to see is some evidence of [pain], some measurable evidence in a form of imaging or a data collection system."

ICBC funded a study into whiplash-related injuries that was conducted at Simon Fraser University. This study was to establish the usefulness of their device. They entered their market ready version of ABATE multimodal soft tissue palpation probe into clinical trials on June 1st, 2010.

Numerous medical congresses, including at the Canadian Pain Society Annual Congresses, the International Association for the Study of Pain 9th World Congress and the 4th World Congress of Medical Acupuncture & Nature Medicine, have all accepted my abstracts for publication and guest speaking events.

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